Sands of Destiny

An Avenger Falls
August 27th, 2011

Posting this update quite late, but better late than never!

Catch Up

The Story So Far

Our original heroes were in service to the nation of Ceylacea on a far distant continent (as far as you know). During a celebration in the court of the king for their recent victory for Ceylacea, our heroes were kidnapped by dark figures. Apparently drugged, the crew cannot remember what happened as they awoke in a cool, dusty jail in the fair city of Halwa ruled by Caliph Farouk ibn Alabas.

Greeted by Alima al Rashid, the heroes are told that they owe a water debt to the Caliph for their transportation to the lands of Ifraasa and being unable to pay. She covered the debt under the condition that you journey with one of her servants to her tower and do an important job for her.

The party is escorted by Tana – a gnome rogue with a cheerful disposition – to the home of Alima. Her tower is an impressive structure in the middle of the desert several days’ journey from Halwa. Inside the adventurers met the deposed ruler Kiris Alkirk – last in a long line of rulers of the city of Kiris Dahn. The two of them together relate how the inhabitants Kiris Dahn were forced to flee the city eight years ago in the face of a brutal goblin invasion.

The ancestors of Kiris Alkirk had powerful magical artifacts constructed to protect the city for just such situations, but they had long been used up. Or so they thought – Alima discovered a ninth and has offered to release your debt if you will bring her the slaying stone or evidence of its destruction. You were offered any treasure you could find. Tana confirms that Alima is probably not the only one looking for the stone and knows that Alima’s rival is a woman named Afra Dunyana.

Alima has also offered a reward for the recovery of five books – the party has found two along with evidence of the presence of a dragon.

Our newcomer heroes were commissioned by their churches to investigate some odd happenings in a tomb out in the desert. Upon entering, they found themselves locked in and face to face with vermin (rats and a giant scorpion) as well as undead.

They encountered the necromancer Zenithir attempting to summon or create a legion of undead with instructions on a piece of parchment from someone that connected their activities to the presence of the Severed Eye orc clan. His summoning circle had symbolism connected to three dark gods.

They met some goblins with a strange scar on their eye and found out the goblins were being used by the Severed Eye as they watched a large, battle-scarred orc give orders to a small goblin named Triflik. The two heroes went on to defeat not only the Battlescar Orc but also went onto defeat Shlex – the apparent sister of a nasty orc named Vohx. Once they cleaned out the old inn, the two headed to the temple.

What Happened Last Time? (aka – We Played So Long Ago, No One Remembers)

In the abandoned Temple, the original heroes found Kiris Hoyt – cousin to Kiris Alkirk. Hoyt was a little worse for wear, clearly a little “off” after so long trying to survive. During the battle with the goblins, led by one Triflik the Silverblade, Kiris Hoyt sustained damage and transformed into a wererat and joined you in attacking and defeating the goblins. Kiris Hoyt had not been questioned nor Triflik searched.

This Session

This session opened with the following:
As you stand staring agape at Kiris Hoyt, and surveying the battle, the sounds of heavily mailed footsteps echo down the hall accompanied by a softer boot sound and swishing cloak. Around the corner, weapons drawn, come another large dragonborn accompanied by an average sized human male with a shaved head except for a long braided ponytail hanging down his back.

Kiris Hoyt stands looking confusedly between groups of heroes.

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