Dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, recent addition to the party, hails from the city of Asanur. Just recently discovered that he is not native to Ifraasa.


Role: Defender


Heskan has brief memories of his native world but only pictures, feelings of almost deja vu. A smell or moment similar to before maybe but it’s fleeting. He left his homeland with his family at a young age. Though he remembers it being rushed and fearful he doesn’t particularly remember why. From an early age he was taught to respect his deity and give others the same treatment as he would expect in return. Fighting was always in his blood. Both his father and hes before him were warriors. He was taught sword techinque from a young age. Emphasis on waging a smart battle was as paramount to general skill. It was his father who passed down the knowledge of healing with the help of his deity. And it was his father that told him of his destiny to die in couragous battle. Heskan truly believes this is his destiny but is at peace with the inevitable. His mother was the polar opposite of his father. His mother was gentle. She didn’t like her husband being a warrior but that’s who he was so she accepted it. She taught Heskan to enjoy the world, to appreciate beauty and not move too fast to notice. Most importantly she taught him to respect women. He’s not afraid to fight a woman but will never tolerate anyone’s disrepecting them. Of course by his own standards but one has to start somewhere! He’s also a great cook. Living in large, diverese cities has given him a wide range of culinary tips and experience. He can turn the worst cuts of meat into a feast with ease.


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