Alima Al-Rashid

Old female scholar who paid the heroes' water debt in order to gain their service to recover the Slaying Stones.


Revealed by Tana: Alima used to be Kiris Alkirk’s Advisor. People like her better than him so he keeps her around for negotiation. She has heard Alima and Kiris Alkirk discussing someone known as Afra Dunyana. Tana knows that Alima and Afra were once friends but had a falling out decades ago. Tana believes that Alima would rather destroy it than see it in the hands of Afra, but is also tempted to keep it and make more.

  • Introduces herself as “wisewoman and seer”.
  • Lives in a tower a few days away from Halwa, the city where the heroes were imprisoned.

Quest Accepted: Recover Alima’s Books

  1. Magic in the Southlands: A History
  2. It’s Bloody Hot Out There: Gnomish Accounts of Desert Exploration
  3. Noby Tick: The Hunt for Amazing Beasts in Ifraasa
  4. Unraveling the Mummy
  5. Tiefling Artifacts

From Session 2:
Alima speaks up at this point: “Eight years ago, those of us who lived in Kiris Dahn were forced to leave the city in the face of and overwhelming goblin invasion. The populace scattered and the goblins took over the city as their own. Gorizbadd they call it now. The slaying stones used up, there was nothing to deter them or stop them from overrunning the city. One night I was studying some obscure historic texts and discovered that there were originally NINE slaying stones – not eight. If it falls into the hands of the goblins, we face a greater danger. The stone is dangerous and must be destroyed. I have mastered the Kiris family’s ritual that will do so, but I need you to bring me the stone. Any other riches or items you find are yours to keep.”

Alima Al-Rashid

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