Welcome to Ifraasa!

Ifraasa is a desert country set far away from your homeland. It is a dry, arid land much like Egypt and Africa, Israel and the middle east. Think less of the Sahara, though parts of it are like this. Think more of Arizona and African scrub. Much of the vegetation is low, ground-hugging scrub, regions of cacti and even short trees and bushes.

As in most deserts, water is precious and the inhabitants view most things through a being’s water (i.e. – life). There are paths in the desert but mainly old roads. Merchant caravans travel between cities and water houses are sprinkled throughout the region providing rest and care for weary travelers.

Explorers and Adventurers are rare in Ifraasa and can quickly take on a cult status. Each city attempts to be as self-sufficient as possible so travel between cities is infrequent. Ifraasa is bordered by the sea to the west (across which at a long distance lies the kingdom of Ceylacea) and a massive, dangerous mountain range to south that no one in recorded history has traversed.

To the east lies the unknown but rumors hold that there is a lush, dense jungle where water is easy to find. No reliable source has ever made it back to confirm these reports. And to the north a HUGE river flows into the see the North.

Sands of Destiny